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April Book CoverApril’s Inspirational Messages is the official Web site for April M. Harris.  April M. Harris is a talented writer and inspirational speaker who has motivated people to act on their inner spirits for the past 30 years. Through her writings and speaking engagements, she inspires people to seize their passions and make the world a better place for all generations. Her rule of life is to AIM HIGH…GIVE LOVE, which is what this site is all about.

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April’s Inspirational Messages offers daily spiritual messages that replenish the soul, rejuvenate the heart, and inspire the spirit. Your soul will be uplifted!  Your heart will rejoice!  Your spirit will be filled with inspiration!  These messages are taken from April’s own life experiences and from people who have inspired and motivated her.  You too will live inspirational messages from her heartfelt personal stories and songs.

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April M. Harris is energizing youth meetings and events all over the country

April M. Harris delivers a highly enthusiastic message for today’s youth.  She walks them through her patented  MyGen-YourGen Inspirational Leadership Development process that helps them to better define themselves, motivate others to succeed, become entrepreneurial (spiritually, financially, and socially), cross generational boundaries, and take on leadership roles in religious settings, community-based organizations, and business.

One of the tenants of the MyGen-YourGen Inspirational Leadership Development process is to foster strong mentor relationships between the young and the old that encourages youth to excel beyond life’s obstacles and for the elderly to cherish feelings of continued usefulness.  April is passionate about bridging the generational distance between young adults and seniors citizens – the young with their bright, fresh, unwavering ideas and the old with their retrospective wisdom and ability to spiritually nurture the young.

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April M. Harris is an exceptional author and speaker. View more of her writings and messages in "Give Love... Inspirational Messages for Parents and Children" and on her daily blog at

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